Chestnut Magic

Chestnut Magic

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Chestnut Hill Outdoors launched a new chestnut-based deer attractant to give whitetail hunters an amazing new edge! This revolutionary new product is Dunstan Chestnut Magic ™. It works immediately – its unique scent will not only bring deer right to your stand or blind, but will keep them coming back for more.

The secret to this unique product is its combination of ground dried chestnuts, dried chestnuts, and rice bran.  Chestnuts have more protein and carbohydrates than acorns, without the bitter tasting tannins.  Chestnut Hill Outdoors discovered this secret, and worked with Dr. James Kroll (“Dr. Deer”) to validate that Chestnut Magic works better.  Dr. Kroll determined Chestnut Magic works 100:1 over acorns for deer, and even awarded the product his “Dr. Deer Seal of Approval”.

Dunstan Chestnut Magic ™ works anywhere you hunt - on public land, leased land or on your own private land.  It has been tested successfully across the country in a variety of climates.  Deer will actually fight to try to get to the magic first!  It is especially good for trail camera surveys – it will bring in the bucks, and you will know what is on your hunting land.

Pour Dunstan Chestnut Magic ™ in small strips or in large piles where you want to attract deer.  It will work in wet or dry conditions, and will release an irresistible sweet-smelling aroma. Use it to train deer to frequent a site, a new mineral lick, or any place you want them to keep visiting.