Buck Forage Clover

Buck Forage Clover

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By planting Buck Forage Clover with Buck Forage Oats and Buck Forage Chicory, you will provide quality, year-round forage production that will be beneficial to the health of your deer herd.

With Buck Forage Oats, Chicory and Buck Forage Clover in your food plot you will have covered the forage portion of the “Dr. Deer Management System.” Each plant variety was selected by Dr. James C. Kroll to ensure proper nutrition and utilization for your deer during specific times of the year.



When do I plant Buck Forage Clover?
Plant Buck Forage Clover in the Fall (mid-August to mid-October) when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees. In Northern states plant in the Spring along with Buck Forage Clover and Buck Forage Chicory. In Southern states plant in the Fall with Buck Forage Oats and Buck Forage Chicory.

Is clover a “harvest” plot?
Clover is an early Spring/Summer nutrition plot. For a true fall harvest plot, plant Buck Forage Oats.


Always start with a soil sample!

Ground Preparation: 2 to 3 weeks prior to planting, neutralize the food plot are by using herbicide. Or turn your soil a couple of times, exposing the roots to kill all unwanted vegetation.

Seed Bed Preparation: Disc and harrow our plot to prepare a good seed bed. If you mix the Clover with Buck Forage Chicory, amend your fertilizer application to include 25 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Do not mix Clover or Chicory with Buck Forage Oats for planting!

Rate: Plant one bag (4 pounds) per acres. Do not plant deeper than 1/4”.

Process: Broadcast or drill. A cultipacker can be used to firm the seed bed around the seed. If you use a drill, it is important not to drill deeper than 1/4”. When planting in the same plot as Buck Forage Oats, it is extremely important to plant the Oats first at a depth of 2 inches with a disc or seed drill. Then broadcast spread and cover, or drill the Buck Forage Clover and Buck Forage Chicory at a depth of 1/4’ or less. You can mix the Clover and Chicory seed for planting. The seed is pre-inoculated.

Fertilizer: If you do not soil test, in general you can apply 200 pounds per acre of 0-26-26, which should be sufficient in good soils. If you also plant Chicory, you should add 25 ponds of nitrogen (urea 46-0-0) per acre.